A treatment that works!

Weight Loss,



Pain & Chronic Illness

  • Do you want a weight loss treatment that lasts?
  • Or an addiction treatment that gives you long-lasting results?
  • Would you like a Trauma/PTSD therapy that actually helps you get your life back?
  • How about a natural treatment to help relieve pain and promote healing of arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, IBS, MS and other chronic illnesses?

Stop wasting your time and money on treatments that aren’t working!

Read on to discover the Hunt for Hope Wellness difference

and how this treatment works when others fail.

Not a symptom based treatment

Most treatments focus on symptoms. Hunt for Hope Wellness takes a different, clinically proven approach that is the missing key to your success.

The key is to focus on the root causes of your wellness issue and heal from within.

If you are ready for a long-lasting treatment solution that brings a halt to your weight loss struggles, calms the addiction cravings, relieves PTSD symptoms, reduces pain, promotes sleep, and puts an end to the prescription drugs, and the long string of treatments, therapists and doctor visits, then let Hunt for Hope Wellness give you the caring, supportive assistance you need to get to the root causes, receive deep healing and transform your long-held dreams into your new life.

Find out more below about
how we can help you today!
Feeling satisfied and in love with yourself and your life:
THAT is the Hunt for Hope Wellness difference!
The Clutter Solution Workshop

We are doing it again! 


Free Yourself from the Stuff and Tame the Emotions Behind it


To help you get organized and stay organized!

Christine Hunt, Life Wellness Coach with Hunt for Hope Wellness and Professional Organizers Sammi Scott and Dixie Schneider are your hosts, and in our workshop you will learn:

  • The steps to take to declutter any room.
  • What to keep and how to keep it.
  • About the emotional attachments you have to stuff and why it is so hard to part with.
  • About the health effects of clutter.
  • Why clutter can lead to weight gain.
  • Why certain objects lift you up and others drag you down.

And help you to understand:

  • How clutter may be limint your happiness and life potential.
  • What it is costing you in money, a fulfilling social life and peace of mind.

Isn’t it time for you to start clearing the clutter both physically and emotionally?

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