Spring Clean From the Inside Out

Spring clean mind body spirit

Detox Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Chris & Titi  




Friday, April 22nd at 6:30 p.m.


for a fun, FREE, evening of networking and learning tips on how to:
lower stress levels,   boost energy,   curb cravings,   lose weight,   lift your spirits and allow your body to heal itself.



Their talks will be:

Tossing Toxic Thoughts: Your Ticket to Sustainable Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Increased Energy and a Happier, Healthier You

by Christine Hunt, Wellness Coach

Are you in pain/have headaches?  Are you so stressed that you are forgetting things, have sleepless nights and spend your days feeling worn out and exhausted?  Have your attempts to lose weight failed?  Christine will explain, in a simple to understand way,  how science is supporting the mind/body connection and how your life and health can benefit through the release of toxic thoughts and emotions.

How Come I Can’t Lose Weight? Cleanse & detoxify 5-20 pounds of stored waste matter to release excess weight.

by Titi Sibajene, Nutritional Consultant

Are you gassy? Bloated? Not pooping right? Want more energy? Tried everything but just can’t lose weight and keep it off? Want to lose weight while still enjoying your favorite foods?  Come learn how to remove that pesky 5-20 pounds of waste that’s holding YOU back!”




Where: Crownsville, MD

(The address will be emailed to you upon receiving your registration.)


Please R.S.V.P. here to Detox Your Mind, Body & Spirit!


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