Help for PTSD, Money, Relationship, Weight, Pain Problems and More

Go from Sad to Happy with this simple technique.


How long have you been in pain?


Pain comes in many forms.  You can have physical pain or you can have emotional pain.


Did you know that research is showing that physical pain and chronic illness have roots in emotional pain?


So if you are able to heal your emotional pain, then you may experience less physical pain.


We are all carrying around emotional baggage.  And over time it adds up and begins to wear on us.


Those who have experienced severe trauma and live with PTSD are dragging around the emotional baggage comparable to a freight train.  It can affect their relationships, home life, career and cause a constant state of stress that can undermine their health.


But you don’t have to have PTSD to suffer from the same effects on your life.


I am offering you, or someone you know, an opportunity to release a LOT of emotional baggage.  Anyone experiencing PTSD is welcome to participate.


This coming Friday evening, August 5th.  I am holding a free training to teach you the Neurokinesis technique that will help you become free of pain – whatever type you are experiencing.


Neurokinesis has been found to be extremely effective at helping people release the trauma of PTSD and other life “unpleasantries” ;-). During Friday’s session we will not be working on memories of PTSD intensity as we begin with those of less intensity to learn the process. I will explain more to those who are interested in attending.


This Friday’s group session will begin at 7:30 and be held in Crownsville (near Annapolis, MD) I would love to help you learn this simple process that has the potential to make a huge difference in improving your life, in all areas, including intimate relationships, career, money, self-worth, weight, illness/pain and so much more.


In return, I receive credit toward requirements that I need to become certified in the technique.


I may also need a couple of additional volunteers for one-on-one sessions that could be scheduled for a different time and may be done via Skype or in person.


All information shared is completely confidential but you need not share the memory that you want to work on for the technique to be effective.


Those who participate will be asked to do some minor follow up work that I will discuss with you when we connect.


Please pass this along to friends, family, co-workers and anyone you know who would benefit from this.


Changing your life begins with the first step and this step has the capacity to make a profound, positive difference.   You will be amazed at how different your life is in a very good way.


Fill in your information in the form below to confirm your attendance or if you have any questions.  I would love to help relieve your pain.


To your Improved Health!



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