Make your 2017 Resolution Success a Sure Thing!

2017 Resolution Success


       With The   Resolution Obstacle Buster


Don’t let obstacles ROB you of your resolution success this year!



Instead, succeed at:

Losing Weight                    Quit Smoking               Exercising/Getting Fit

Getting Organized             Eating Healthier          Traveling More

Saving More/Spending Less          Drinking Less . . . and more.



Do you make New Year’s resolutions and then – even before January is over – lose sight of them?

If so, why?

Perhaps you might give up because it is just too hard to keep up your program: You get distracted, lose enthusiasm, or no longer have the time. You might also be setting unrealistic expectations as to your desired results within a given time frame. These obstacles and more, including “going it alone”, sabotage your resolutions, discourage you, and rob you of your dreams.

Well, not in 2017!  New possibilities are yours with:


Rsolution Obstacle Buster

an 8-week program beginning on Thursday, January 12, is designed especially to bust through the obstacles that hinder success. During weekly online sessions, you will receive the support you need as we help you to uncover and eliminate your inner struggles, giving you confidence, motivation, and a clear path to attaining your personal goals.


Find out more and register at

or call 410-507-7924



Successful Resolutions are Game Changers.

If you are Game, this can help you Change.




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