Hope Springs from Anxiety and Fear. Dreams are coming true.




Wow, last night’s call was fantastic because anxiety and fear was

transformed into HOPE!


The Resolution Obstacle Buster program began last night and shifts are already happening.


It can happen for you too.


I’ve extended enrollment in the program to next Thursday, January 19th so that you can take full advantage of the first week’s information and recording.  You too can experience the shift you need to allay fears, doubts and anxieties and transform them to hope and expectation and positivity!


If feelings of frustration, anger at yourself, shame and defeat have been your experience with past resolutions you can change all of that to…


…hopefulness, belief in yourself and gain the confidence to overcome all of your obstacles…


…by joining me in the Resolution Obstacle Buster  program.


So, go to this link to learn more, register and pay for the package that will work best for you.


I can’t wait to help you bust through your blocks and move you toward your hopes and dreams!


Christine Hunt
Wellness Coach


My clients call me the Miracle Worker.  

Let me help make your MIRACLE happen this year.



Christine Hunt is a Wellness Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner.  She takes the whole person approach when working with her clients.   By addressing the origins of clients’  thought patterns and behaviors she helps them break undesired habits.


Once the habits are broken, clients can make new choices and realize long held hopes and dreams that positively transforms their lives.


Christine is a Game Changer.  

If you are game, she can help you change.



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