How it Works

The combination of consulting, coaching and EFT is the most dynamic, powerful, expeditious and efficient way to get you the results you so strongly desire.

Once you have committed to partnering with me, I will e-mail you a packet of questions and exercises to fill out and return before our first session so that I can understand what your health issues are and also to get you thinking about where you would like to begin on your journey to wellness.

Our first 90 minute session will begin with me questioning you to clarify my understanding about your answers.   We will then create your vision of what you want to accomplish.  You may decide what aspect of your life you want to work on first and settle on some first steps to implement.  The session may involve consultative instruction and/or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which will help quickly identify and resolve mental or emotional obstacles we identify and may be hindering your progress.

Additional sessions will involve more of the same but goals, intentions and transformational steps may change as you move forward on your transition to wellness.  Additional questions and exercises to promote deeper thought and reflection may be employed and EFT will expedite your conversion from where you are and bring you closer and closer to your vision.


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