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Call #1:  January 12, 2017


Module 1: Your Why, Changing Habits and Your Plan


Tapping Script: Dispelling Resolution Doubts


Call Recording: 



Call #2:  January 19, 2017


Module 2: Your Vision, Creating a Vision Board



Visualization Exercise Recording:



Call Recording: 




Call #3:  January 26, 2017


Module 3:  The Obstacles, What They Are, Do You Deserve It?


Tapping Script: Banish Obstacles and Fears


Call Recording: 




Call #4:  February 2, 2017


Module 4:  Uncovering Obstacle Origins




Call Recording:   



Call #5:  February 16, 2017


Module 5:  The Stress Factor


Tapping Script:  The Stress Buster 


Call Recording: 



Call #6:  February 23, 2017


Module 6:  Letting Go of Lack


Call Recording:   


Call #7:  March 2, 2017


Module 7: Forgiveness


Call Recording:  


Call #8:  March 8, 2017


Module 8: The Practice of Positive Thinking


Tapping Script:  Bringing in the Positive


Call Recording:





Christine Hunt hereafter known as “The Coach” is a Certified EFT Practitioner but not a medical professional.  The information The Coach conveys during the Resolution Obstacle Buster program is primarily from her experience as an EFT Coach or from books, articles, newsletters and papers, written by medical professionals or experts in the health & wellness fields.  Your participation in this program signifies your acceptance of complete and full responsibility in your use of this information and will in no way hold The Coach liable.  The Coach cannot guarantee participants’ expected outcomes, from use of this information, since participants’ results will vary based on their diligence in applying the recommended work and the complexity of their life history.  It is recommended that you consult a medical/psychological professional if you have any concerns.