This is what Christine is doing for you!


Meetups:People sharing and supporting.

The monthly Weigh-Less and Get Well Recovery Group meetup is a safe place for people to share and begin their weight loss and healing process.


Are you someone who …

is afraid you will gain weight over the holidays?

has lost weight then gained it all back, and maybe more, and has done this more than once?

is on prescription medications for a chronic illness.

has an autoimmune disease like fibromyalgia, arthritis, diabetes, or other?

is under a lot of stress?

feels overwhelmed?

would like to make some positive changes in their life?


If you can relate to any of these,

or know someone who does, then coming to the

Weigh-Less and Get Well Recovery Group

meetup can help.


Achieving success together


The meetups are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the home office of Christine Hunt near Annapolis Maryland.

To attend, go to the Hunt for Hope Wellness Solutions meetup page, sign up for  the Weigh-less & Get Well Recovery Group and R.S.V.P. YES to attend.


Feeling good!


This meetup could be the beginning of a whole new you!

And wouldn’t that be great!






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