Kitchen Krash – In Home Grocery Evaluation


What's on your labels?

Lifelong habits can be difficult to change. That is why the Kitchen Krash is so valuable to help you learn how to discern if a particular food product is good or bad for you.




Christine Hunt will come to your home and Krash your Kitchen!

That is not to say that she is going to “trash” your kitchen but, for two hours, you and she will evaluate the foods in your cupboards, pantry and refrigerator for their “goodness” to your and your family’s health.  If time allows she can assist you in creating a week’s menu plan and shopping list to get you started.


You will also receive the Kitchen Krash Handbook!   

Kitchen Krash Handbook


Which contains:

7 Steps to Eating Healthy – a short list of common sense steps to give you guidance on how and where to begin.

Understanding the Nutrition Facts Label – what it says and what it means.

The Dirty Dozen & The Clean Fifteen – a handy shopper’s guide to pesticides on produce.

Food Additives to Avoid – the top 10 food additives to look for and avoid on the Nutrition Facts label.

The Acid/Alkaline Food Chart – a one-page table of foods that are alkaline and acidic to help you choose foods that will reduce body inflammation.

GMOs – an explanation of Genetically Modified Organisms.

Good Soy/Bad Soy – an explanation of this tiny bean’s affect on your health and why to avoid it.

What Your Plate Should Look Like – graphics of the proportions of foods that should be on everyone’s plates, a healthier food pyramid and more.


It also contains tables…

… that you can cut out and take with you to the store so that you have the information to reference at your fingertips.  No more trying to remember if an ingredient is good or not.


This service is invaluable

in providing you with the information you need

to make informed decisions

about what you buy at the grocery store.


Contact Christine and let her help you get started on a new path of eating delicious, healthy foods that can make you healthier, happier and change your life for the better.





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