What in your life is not working?


Man/Woman struggling with health, weight, addiction, trauma.

Have you been struggling with weight loss, a chronic illness, an addiction or living with trauma or PTSD, and conventional treatments are not working for you?


Are you just tired of things not being right and you feel out of control?


Do you want to try something different?  


Are you ready for a change?  


Look no further.


Hunt for Hope Wellness has a different, alternative treatment solution

and can help you regain control of

your weight, your health and your life.



It is time to make a change.


The Hunt for Hope Wellness solution focuses

on the root causes of these wellness problems,

not the symptoms.


One of these root causes is stress and the Hunt for Hope Wellness treatment solution has been clinically proven to dramatically and quickly reduce stress, which has been shown to be a major factor in the cause of weight gain, chronic illness, addictions, trauma and PTSD.  



Expose the roots and make the change to total wellness.


Click on a button below and learn more about the secret root causes of these chronic health problems and understand why the alternative approach of Hunt for Hope Wellness can make the difference between you maintaining the status quo or successfully achieving your ideal weight, relieving symptoms of chronic illness, kicking your addiction and getting your life back from trauma and PTSD.

TestimonialFeel lighter and not bogged down by whirling thoughts and fears.

Imagine how good that would feel.

Imagine peace of mind.

Imagine vibrant health.

Imagine freedom.




Feel the freedom of relief from stress, that causes weight gain, illness, pain, addictions and trauma.



What would you like help with today?  


Weight Loss - A different solution that works.       Chronic Illness and pain       Addictions, drugs, alcohol, smoking, eating       Trauma, PTSD, Depression, Suicide



Would you rather talk with someone? 

Request a FREE 15-minute consultation by completing the form below.




You are on your way to getting relief and finding freedom.


Feeling hopeful, empowered, calm and peaceful.




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