Do You Feel Like This About Your Weight?


Unhappy woman


•  You are frustrated with repeated, unsuccessful attempts to lose weight and are just not happy with your body image.


 •  You have tried diets, pills, drinks and may be contemplating surgery.


 •  You have spent a small fortune on support groups and programs to reach your ideal weight.


•   You are on the brink of losing hope that you will ever have the body you envision, and the self confidence you desire because you haven’t found a long-lasting solution.




And you want to feel …


•  At ease in your body.

•  Great in your clothes.

•  Confident, secure and  comfortable with yourself.

•  Good about yourself.

•  Happy and beautiful!


Beautiful Woman



Your quest is over!!!

Hunt for Hope Wellness 

can help you!!!


Most of us associate only diet and exercise as the factors behind weight gain and loss.


But there are other reasons why you may not be able to maintain weight loss.

One reason is hormonal imbalances.

Another is what you think and feel. 


What I think and feel?


That’s right, it sounds crazy, but it’s true – and few people in the weight loss industry talk about it much less make it a part of your weight loss program.


And that is the difference between them and

Hunt for Hope Wellness.


Wellness Coach, Christine Hunt’s, methods provide you with the tools you need to make your weight loss journey successful and long lasting!  She works with you as a whole person, not just focusing on calories in/calories out.



Christine incorporates:

Enjoyable dietary adjustments that work for you,

Addressing any hormonal imbalances you may have,

Finding movement that is rewarding,

AND –  the missing piece not found in conventional diet therapies…

Uncovering the hidden reasons why your body won’t release weight – your thoughts and feelings.



These reasons are buried in your subconscious mind  and sabotage any efforts you make to lose weight. 


Christine calls it the...

Head Game of Weight Loss.


The Head Game of Weight Loss is the reason(s) why your body won’t release weight.  Once these reasons are resolved, weight loss is easy.   Your body doesn’t have an excuse to hold onto it.


Christine helps you win the Head Game

so that losing weight becomes effortless.  


 Feeling Good


Are you skeptical?  


That is completely understandable.  Which is why the information in this free article,

The Head Game of Weight Loss:

The Real Reasons Why Some People Can’t Lose Weight

and Keep It Off

will explain it all to you.


The article also includes a simple test that you can take which will help you understand what may be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight.


So, click here to request your copy of The Head Game of Weight Loss

and begin your journey to successful, long term weight loss.






 ” I am happier and more enthusiastic. Christine is a miracle worker!” – CM


“I no longer crave sugar, sweets and carbs… and don’t miss them one bit.  I really understand how stressing about dieting and weight – and especially negative self-talk – only fuels the problem.  …This is the only (thing) … that nails the emotional stuff that is really at the root of it all.” – NM (Lost 16 pounds in 4 months)


“In the last 5-6 months I have lost 20 pounds…the difference this time, from other weight loss attempts, is that I don’t desire…sugar, bread or…high glycemic foods…(and have) long lasting results.” – FL




Contact Christine Hunt for a free, 15 minute,

no obligation consultation.








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