EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is gaining recognition in the world of science.  


In today’s world most therapies do not become widely accepted until scientific evidence suggests that they indeed do what they claim to accomplish.  


EFT is gaining in popularity not only because of how effective people who use it to calm stress, eliminate fears, resolve the underlying causes of weight gain, addiction, trauma/PTSD and chronic illness and release grief and loss, but because science has been taking a long, hard look at it and confirming all that the users of this powerful, effective alternative therapy modality have been claiming.


Below are links to studies and articles of studies which are proving the powerful effects of this wonderful therapy over other conventional processes.


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Theoretical and Review of Tapping



Food Cravings and Weight Loss

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Sports Performance

Children and Adolescents

Academic Performance

Educational Standards

Genetics and Epigenetics

Learning Disorders

Mental Health Problems

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