What causes Lupus?  Meta-medicine is beginning to uncover why.


What causes lupus?

What causes lupus?  Experts cite hormone imbalances, genetics, and environmental factors like viruses or chemicals.  But, like many autoimmune diseases, they really don’t know and mainly treat symptoms.


Some Possible Answers.

The Meta-Medicine world is beginning to answer these questions of where diseases come from and is offering experiences of verbal or physical abuse as a possible root cause of Lupus.  Meta-Medicine researchers have found that biological conflict shocks (i.e. significant emotional experiences) always precede disease.  These shocks (which are events that are unexpected, dramatic and emotional) cause our bodies to react with a “dis-ease” from which illness can occur.


Therefore, verbal or physical abuse is shocking/traumatizing to the recipient on a psychological and physical level.  The attack may come from a family member, someone close to you or an influential/authoritarian figure resulting in you giving your power away and feeling that fighting is useless.


If the abuse or punishments were long-term, it may have led you to believe that you deserved to be punished, humiliated, abandoned or rejected and you feel powerless to change your circumstances; thus, creating a cycle of the same in your life.


You may be constantly on-guard and expect a verbal or physical attack at any time from anyone, especially influential people.  This may have come from childhood feelings of being suppressed or stuck with the limited ability to grow and explore your boundaries and talents and cause feelings of anger.


In addition to anger, the emotions associated with these may be feeling depressed and devalued – that led to a belief that you were a nuisance in the family.  Being happy may feel dangerous to you and you subconsciously sabotage happiness by feeling undeserving of good things.


When confronted with the need to express a boundary, you can only do it after feeling pressured or cornered by someone.


The Why.

Because the thoughts and emotions related to these experiences can trigger the stress response in our bodies, it creates a biological environment that can adversely affect our health.  Then isn’t it logical that if patterns of chronic thoughts can be broken and healthier patterns are created, that a healthier body may follow?


If this makes sense to you then your next question may be, how do I do that?  Admittedly, changing one’s mind about where to have lunch or go on vacation is a lot easier than shifting mindsets around your life’s conflicts and traumas, but there is a way that doesn’t involve willpower or years of therapy.


A Potential Solution?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as EFT or Tapping) has shown remarkable results at reducing the emotional intensity around traumas of all kinds.  PTSD is the effect of extreme trauma, right?  In a clinical study involving Iraq war veterans diagnosed with PTSD, just 6 to 10 one-hour sessions of EFT reduced their symptoms to levels that no longer met the criteria for PTSD.  If EFT can do that for them, think of what it can do for you.


I invite you to participate in a short, group EFT session where you will experience this dynamic and effective method for yourself.  Master Your Emotions to Conquer Stress, Weight & Chronic Illness is a monthly, online coaching session where you identify something that you have been struggling with and use EFT to help reduce the emotional intensity around it.  When the emotional intensity is reduced, a new perspective of the situation often emerges and allows you to think differently about it, make new choices and overall, “get over it”.


Go here to register for this month’s Master Your Emotions workshop.


This may be what you have been looking for all these years and now you have found it!

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Christine Hunt, Life Wellness Coach, Hunt for Hope Wellness




Christine Hunt

Life Wellness Coach and Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner






Metaphysical Anatomy by Evette Rose


Christine Hunt

An experienced Wellness Coach, Certified EFT and Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Christine Hunt gets results for her clients that conventional therapies cannot. She takes the whole person approach when working with her clients to help them lose weight, get relief from chronic illness & pain, trauma/PTSD and addictions of all kinds. She has been a Certified Practitioner since 2013 and has done hundreds of sessions helping her clients to uncover and remove the obstacles to their problems with weight, illness, pain, addictions, traumas, relationships, grief/loss and financial security opening doors to their personal fulfillment and happiness. Contact her for a free, 15 minute consultation to learn why what she does works when other methods have failed. Christine works with her clients in person, by Skype or phone.  So, if you live away from the Annapolis, Maryland area, she can still work with you.