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There are problems with 5G cell phone signals and how they are affecting the health of those that are exposed to them.

I am no scientist, but Dr. Beverly Rubik ,an esteemed biophysicist, is and she has extensive knowledge about the capabilities and dangers of the 5G cell signal and how it has the capability of affecting our health on a cellular level.

In this Higher Energy podcast, Dr. Rubik shares information about the network of over 40,000 satellites that will orbit the earth to support the signals and provide worldwide internet service.  That sounds pretty good, right?  No more dead spots in remote areas and you can be “connected” no matter where you are.   That is the good part.

The bad part is, because self-driving cars need the 5G signal to operate, 5G antennas will be mounted on telephone poles.  This means that the 5G wireless signal will be outside all the time – while you are taking a stroll with your honey or pet; while your kids are playing, or you are gardening or relaxing outside.  In other words, you won’t be able to get away from it.  Why is that bad?  Dr. Rubik says it much better than I do in the podcast, but the signal is essentially wireless radiation and can diminish your immunity .  It is possible that those who live in areas where 5G has been rolled out, have experienced a stronger response to Covid-19.

We use wireless all the time now – in our homes, offices and coffee shops.   But we can get away from it if we choose.  Many people, like myself, have returned to “wired” internet access in their homes and putting their cell phones on airplane mode at night, and when not in use during the day, to reduce the radiation exposure.  This gives the body the ability to regenerate whatever damage it has incurred.  Constant exposure to these signals day after day, year after year can be like a steady drip of radiation that never gives your body a break, causing it to slowly weaken and reduce immunity; resulting in susceptibility to harmful viruses, bacteria and chronic illnesses.

Listen to Dr. Rubik, the simple studies that she has done, and make up your own mind.  There are things that you can do to reduce your wireless radiation exposure, such as wiring your computers (it gives you a faster signal anyway), not upgrading to a 5G capable phone, putting your phone on airplane mode, use wired keyboard and mouse, resisting the use of “smart” devices in your home that communicate their status with you and more.  You may also contact your local and state governments and voice your opposition to the full roll out of 5G in your neighborhood.

Please don’t let 5G be a problem in your health.

Go to this link to hear the Higher Energy podcast interview with Dr. Rubik, or go to the player below.



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