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Detox with Devices

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Gadgets.  The world is full of them and maybe your home is too.  There is a gadget for just about anything you want to do from opening a jar lid to holding your cell phone in your car.


Gadgets might not be the best term to describe devices that will help you detox  because they are usually bigger than what you can fit in a kitchen drawer, but gadgets they are.



Foot Pads and BathsFoot baths

Recent popular gadgets to detox your body are adhesive foot pads or foot baths which claim to draw heavy metals out of your body.  But buyer beware.   There is a lot of controversy about these methods and most of what you will find about them involves scam.


Regarding the foot pads, the Mayo Clinic website states ” No scientific studies have been published that show that detox foot pads work or that they’re safe.”


Then there are foot baths which also claim to draw out heavy metals.  Supporters of them say that the electrical current in the water floods the body with “negative hydrogen ions” that neutralize free radicals which contribute to inflammation in the body.  And that the reddish brown water in the bath is the toxic matter removed from the body.


Opponents to the foot spas say that the color of the water changes due to a process called “electrolysis”.  The brown toxins are from the rust generated by the corrosion of the iron electrodes, not toxins from your body.


Individual treatments can be from $50 and up and machines for home use can cost you more than $1000.  So, don’t just buy based on the manufacturer’s claims but research their effectiveness thoroughly before spending your hard earned dollars.


Person relaxing in sauna.


Saunas create a hot, dry environment which opens up your pores, relaxes your muscles and unleashes a cleansing wash of perspiration all over your body.  In other words, it makes you sweat – a lot – which is why it is such a great way to help detox.


Saunas are found in health spas around the globe and some people even have their own home versions.  There are two kinds of saunas.  One is the traditional Finnish which uses rocks arranged on and inside the heater to create a very even, consistent heat, ranging from 165 to 195 degrees.   This method heats the skin by convection and only three percent of the sweat produced is the body’s waste.  The recommended time to spend in this style sauna ranges from 10-20 minutes.


Then there is the Infrared sauna which uses heat and light to help relax and detoxify the body.  The temperature doesn’t exceed 130 degrees.  During the 15 to 20 minute sessions, the radiant heat penetrates the body creating heat and a profuse amount of sweat – two to three times more than a regular sauna.  Up to 20 percent of the sweat is toxic body waste.


Although safe for most people, precautions need to be taken such as making sure you are well hydrated; and for those with certain medical conditions, consulting with a medical professional before using a sauna is recommended.


Bentonite clay treatment


If you are a woman who has had a facial mask before, you may know about the ability of clay to draw out impurities in your skin.  Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash and touted to be the best for detoxing.  It can be taken internally, smeared all over your body as a mask or used in a soaking bath.


Clay is so wonderful at drawing toxins out of the body because of its negative electrical charge which binds to toxins like heavy metals and chemicals that have a positive charge.  The “opposites attract” law of physics springs into action as the clay, when moistened and applied externally,  binds to the toxins and pulls them  out of the body through the pores.


The best quality Bentonite clay is gray or cream in color.  It is recommended that you avoid white clay as it may be contaminated with metals which defeats the detoxing properties.  Which is also why you never want to store the clay in a metal container or use metal utensils to mix or apply it.


Detoxing with clay is an inexpensive and safe way to rid toxins from your body.


Body wrap treatment

Body Wraps

Another way that clay is used to detox is when combined with sea salts, seaweed, aloe vera and herbs  and slathered all over your body.  Then – this is the fun part – your whole body is encased in plastic wrap and sometimes a thermal blanket is added to heat you up and speed the toxins to your pores.  The advantage of this process is that you can’t move and have no other option than to lie back, close your eyes and relax.  So, if you have to be bound up to force yourself to stop and take a break, this may be the detox solution for you.


But seriously, all kidding aside, this method is not a deep detox treatment but more a way to improve the health and appearance of your skin by infusing it with the vitamins and minerals in the ingredients.  More effective methods involve detox dieting and cleanses.




Okay, maybe hands aren’t considered to be gadgets, but they are devices with which you can detox.


Massage literally compresses muscles, fat and other tissues to help squeeze out toxins.  It also stimulates the lymphatic system to release stored fluids and microorganisms.  Massage perks up blood circulation by pushing oxygen and nutrients deep into body tissues and organs to encourage their optimal functioning.  The circulatory system then picks up the released toxins and transports them to the liver where they are filtered out and eliminated.


The relaxation  advantages of massage are enjoyed by both mind and body.  Being pampered for an hour on a warm, comfortable table with low light and soft, music while getting the kinks worked out of tense muscles is a life detox in itself.   When the mind and body relax, stress and inflammation are reduced and you’ll feel like you’ve embarked on a mini vacation.


To your health!



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