You Hold the Power

By:  Christine Hunt
The connection between the mind and the body has been known by ancient cultures for thousands of years.  Gurus meditate, the Chinese do Qi Gong, but the western cultures have only recently begun to embrace the concept.  But knowingly or unknowingly we utilize it every day.  Pharmaceutical companies test the effectiveness of new drugs by using a placebo , and guess what?  A percentage of the study participants receive the same benefits that those receiving the actual drug do.  The term psychosomatic has been used for decades in the psychology field to describe how someone is cured of a physical ailment after coming to some emotional or mental breakthrough during therapy.
Dr. Joe Dispenza healed himself of a debilitating injury through mind/body work while he was in the hospital recovering from an accident.  He has written books on the power of the mind and speaks and conducts workshops  worldwide on the neural plasticity (the ability of the brain’s nerves to rewire themselves when a person changes their thought patterns) of the brain.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping) is an effective tool that helps people rewire their brains  and transform their lives .  What in your life would you like to change?
Listen to this 17 minute TED Talk and learn how powerful you are.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the topic or experiences you have had with your own mind/body experiences.



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