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When you know you live a healthy lifestyle – you eat good food, exercise or walk consistently, have good relationships with friends and family – but then develop an illness, do you wonder why you are sick?  Do you wonder what are you doing wrong or what is wrong with you?

It is easy to think this way.  When you go to the doctor and ask why this has happened to you, many times the answer is “I don’t know”.  This may leave you feeling helpless, angry or befuddled.  You want to do something about it – take some action – but you don’t know what to do or where to begin.


Meta Medicine Helps Define Why You Are Sick

There is a whole field of medicine, outside of the conventional paradigm, known as Meta Medicine.  Meta Medicine is where the answers to why you are sick are beginning to be answered, because it is looking at the mind/body connection to illness and pain.

An illness or chronic pain can be a symptom of something that is wrong in your life.  It is usually connected to a traumatic experience or a belief, that persists in your mind, and is reflected in how you live your life and the choices you make.  An example follows.


Anita’s Story

Anita Moorjani’s body was riddled with tumors the size of golf balls from the lymphoma she’d had for almost 4 years.  One morning she didn’t wake up from her night’s sleep.  Her organs were shutting down and she was in a coma.  While at the hospital she had a near-death experience (NDE) in which she could see her life clearly.  She saw everything that had happened to her, the choices she had made and why.  Then she understood that her illness was because of the way she’d lived her life. 

She had been raised simultaneously in the cultures of India, China and Britain.  Feeling like she didn’t belong anywhere, she became a people pleaser – a doormat.  Her desires were always repressed and she lived a very small life.  During her NDE, she saw the connection between this lifestyle and her cancer and knew that if she came back her cancer would be cured because she would not live the same way as before.  She would live her life fearlessly.

She decided to come back and within one week her body was over 70% cancer free.  Within 5 weeks she was cancer free and left the hospital.  The doctors did numerous tests and were dumbfounded because they had no idea where all of the cancer cells had gone.  You can read her entire story in her book Dying to Be Me .  

Anita’s story is an example of how changing your beliefs will change your biology because every cell in your body is intelligent and responds to your thoughts and emotions which determine how you are living your life.


Possible Origins of Illness

Some examples of symptoms and their connection to traumas or beliefs follow.

(Most all wellness problems have numerous potential causes; usually along the same theme. These examples just scratch the surface and are taken from the book Heal Your Body by Louise Hay.)

Back problems: Lack of financial support. Fear of money.

Arthritic fingers: A desire to punish.  Blame.  Feeling victimized.

Asthma: Feeling stifled.  Suppressed crying.  Inability to breathe for oneself.

Knee problems: Inability to bend.  Fear. Inflexibility. Won’t give in.

Hip problems: Fear of going forward in major decisions.  Nothing to move forward to.

Kidney problems: Criticism, disappointment, failure, shame.

Ulcers: Fear.  A strong belief that you are not good enough.  What is eating away at you?

Multiple Sclerosis: Mental hardness, hard-heartedness, iron will, inflexibility.  Fear.

There are volumes of information that go into much greater detail of these wellness issues and others, and connect illnesses of all kinds to traumas and beliefs.


Think Differently

I hope that this has made you think differently about the origins of disease.  As a Life Wellness Coach, I understand this connection and have many resources available to help you identify why you are sick when someone else isn’t.

If you would like to stop the cycle of symptom based treatments and explore a different path to healing, please call me at 410-507-7924 or schedule your free, phone consultation at this link.  It just may help you finally understand why you are sick.

In wellness,

Christine Hunt, Life Wellness Coach, Hunt for Hope Wellness

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Christine Hunt

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