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Most of us can’t wait for 2020 to be OVER!!! We feel like victims of our circumstances.  We feel like we have lost control.  But what if we could do something to change that?  Would you want to know about it?  There are things that you can do and they don’t cost a cent.  Read on to learn more about how to create a better life in 2021.


Law of Attraction

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA)?  If you are familiar with the movie *The Secret, then you probably have a good idea.  The Secret explained LOA as like attracts like and, if you are not satisfied with how your life is going, using Law of Attraction is how to change it.


Law of Attraction is based on like energy attracting like energy.  We humans are vibrational beings and our thoughts and emotions vibrate at certain energetic frequencies.  Emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, sadness and grief vibrate at low frequencies, whereas emotions of love, appreciation, gratitude, courage and peace vibrate at high frequencies.


Therefore, whatever we are thinking and feeling, on a consistent basis, will be reinforced by experiences that support that. In other words, we will get more of what we are thinking and feeling.


Your energy field.

To think of it another way, imagine there is an energy field around your body – your aura – that expands or contracts according to your feelings.  If you are feeling negative emotions and are depressed, angry or sad, your energy field will shrink and become closer to your body.  It weakens.  But if you are feeling happy, elated and appreciative, your energy field will expand.


You can actually intentionally expand your field by sitting quietly and, with the power of your mind, focus on it.   Then you can visualize it expanding to several feet beyond your body, to the size of your home, then your town, then your state, then your country and even to encompass the globe and extend into the universe.  Doing this with positive intention is a very powerful exercise to promote healing of our planet on any level.


How has life been treating you?

Look back at your life - rearview mirror.Look back on your life, or just the last year, and view it from a distance – as if you are watching yourself.  What do you see?  What kinds of things happened in your life?  Do you see yourself experiencing times when you felt a lot of joy, love, success, satisfaction, and in general feeling good about yourself and your life?  Or do you see situations where there is a lot of struggle, difficulty, and things not going right.  Were there a lot of times when you tried your best, but what you wanted just didn’t work out.


Do you see yourself as a person that is happy and loving life or one that is angry, upset, and feeling like nothing goes right for them?  Maybe you see yourself, like most of us, doing a little bit of both.  If that is the case, then which is more dominant the negatives or positive experiences?


Do you see how the Law of Attraction might be working in your life?  If, on some level, you have lived with the mindset that nothing goes right for you or you never get a break, deep inside your subconscious mind, there may be a belief that you feel unworthy, unloved, not valued, and don’t deserve to be happy, loved or successful.  Then LOA, based on the energetic frequency that you emit, is going to reinforce those beliefs by creating more life situations that will reinforce them.


But, if your mindset is that everything is always working out for you; you do things and associate with people that make you happy and you feel content with your life, then your beliefs may center on thoughts that you are loved, appreciated, worthy and valuable.  Your energetic frequency will vibrate at those levels and the LOA will draw experiences to you that will reinforce them.


The origins of your mindset.

You may be wondering how did these beliefs begin?  Take a look at your life again.  Go way back as far as you can remember and recall your childhood.  Were you always criticized or praised?  Were you encouraged to reach for the next level of accomplishment or discouraged and told you would never amount to anything?   Did you live primarily in fear of getting hurt or blamed, or moved forward boldly, with confidence? This is where it all began and, if you experienced a lot of negativity in your childhood, and you either didn’t know how or was powerless to change your circumstances, you created more and more emotional baggage that you carried into adulthood and created similar experiences in your life.


What do you want to create in 2021 and how do you do it?

What do you want to create in 2021 and how do you do it? pawn to a king.With all of this said, I ask again.  What would you like to attract into your life in 2021?  What changes or improvements would you like to create?  If you now realize that you need to change things up a bit to improve your circumstances, where do you start?


You begin by using the Law of Attraction and changing your vibrational frequency from negative levels to positive levels.  This begins with an awareness.  Monitor your thoughts.  Notice when you are slipping into the “woe is me” and other defeatist attitudes and feelings.  You may want to start a journal or keep a record of those thoughts.  Then you can create a list of what you would like to think, have, or do differently.  Thereafter, you can catch yourself in those negative states and shift into a more positive mindset and outlook.  With practice, this can be a simple, yet valuable exercise.  I’ve provided a form below to access a simple chart template that you can fill in to help you record your negative thoughts and alternate positive thoughts.


EFT/Tapping has the power to change.

If you are looking for a faster way to accomplish this transformation then consider EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping).  EFT is an alternative therapy that helps you flush out and release the emotional baggage around the experiences that started it all.  Many clinical studies have been conducted on EFT and the results overall are better and longer lasting than many conventional and other alternative techniques.


I am a certified EFT coach with years of experience.  I can help you create a fulfilling and satisfying future.  To learn more, schedule a free, no obligation consultation by calling me at 410-507-7924 or going to my calendar here.   Creating a new you this New Year will benefit not only you, but your family and all whom you come in contact with.  That is how you create a better life in 2021 and that is powerful and possible.

In wellness,

Christine Hunt, Life Wellness Coach, Hunt for Hope Wellness


* There are other movies that are using the same name and logo but are not the original movie created around 1996.  You may rent or buy and download what appears to be the original movie at this Vimeo link.


Transform Your Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts Chart
When you find yourself tending toward negative thoughts, this chart will help you understand where they are coming from and what alternate, positive thoughts you can think instead.

Christine Hunt

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