Individual  Services

Christine offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if her services are a good fit for you.  Please go to the bottom of the Is this You page and fill out the form.   She will contact you to schedule an appointment at a mutually convenient

Why  Packages  are  Offered

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were your weight and health problems.  They come from lifelong, poor eating habits, misinformation, traumas and negative belief systems that create a ton of baggage.

Although one session wonders do occur, clients receive the most benefit and progress from multiple sessions.  Coaching is effective when a client establishes long-term goals and decides on the step-by-step actions needed to get there – and that takes time.

It is recommended to begin with weekly sessions then bi-weekly then monthly.  In the first few weeks a step by step plan is created  to reach your short and long-term goals.  The rapid succession of weekly sessions gives you the support you need to help change long held habits, answer questions and implement quick course corrections if needed.  Once a workable plan is established, less frequent, bi-weekly sessions continue to provide support, guidance and fine tuning of the steps of your plan.  As your confidence grows and initial objectives are accomplished less frequent monthly sessions can be incorporated to keep you on track and help you overcome setbacks or obstacles that crop up.

Please read the coaching package descriptions below and select one that best fits your needs at this time.  Pricing will be discussed during a consultation call once you have agreed to partner with Christine.

Let’s  Get  Started!

Jumpstart – Initial 90 minute session then three weekly one-hour sessions including 1 brief e-mail per week during the month.  This is a good starter package for the first month to create an overall plan and build momentum.

Sprint – Four one-hour sessions including four brief e-mails.  This is a good continuation package to keep you on track and work through issues that crop up.  Sessions may be conducted weekly or bi-weekly but all must be completed within a two month period.

Cruiser –  Six one-hour sessions including six brief e-mails.  You are cruising now!  You’ve reached some of your objectives and have a good understanding of your ultimate goal and how you want to get there; but you still need support with overcoming obstacles and guidance to create additional action steps.  You may decide to schedule the six sessions on a bi-weekly or monthly basis but all must be completed within a seven month period.

Brush up – Individual sixty or ninety minute session (for returning clients).  You may have reached your objectives and are feeling great about your accomplishments but want to pursue a new idea or you have run into a road block and need assistance in getting around it.

Kitchen Krash – In Home Grocery Evaluation – Two hours of consultation in your home to examine the type of food you purchase and learn what is good or bad about it.  This may involve discarding some of the contents of your refrigerator, cupboards, pantry, etc.  Time permitting we may develop a menu and shopping list for a week’s meals to get you on a fresh track to success in changing your dietary habits.  You will also receive the Kitchen Krash Handbook, to use as a reference when planning meals and shopping.
(This service is provided only to clients who live within a 30 minute drive from my location.)

Payment  Options

All fees are payable in advance.
Acceptable payments are cash (only for in person consultations), a valid credit card or PayPal.
If session time exceeds the scheduled 60 or 90 minutes the additional time will be billed at a prorated amount.

Cancellation  Policy

To allow others that seek my services to have earlier appointment opportunities I do have a cancellation policy.

I understand that life has its twists and turns and you may not be able to make an appointment.  If you need to reschedule or cancel a session, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid payment.  I appreciate your cooperation when these circumstances arise.

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