Weight Loss – A Different Solution that Works





Are you…

  • Feeling stuck in a body that you are not happy with?


  • A smart, capable person but are frustrated that despite your continued efforts to eat right, exercise and follow your doctor’s advice that you are still struggling with food and your weight?


  • Losing hope, feel like giving up and just accept that your weight problem will never change – but deep down inside you believe the weight isn’t really a part of you?  After all, if you were happy with your weight you would be at peace with it, right?  


  • Feeling like there is something wrong with you because you can’t seem to figure out how to shed the pounds permanently?


There is nothing wrong with you. 

The problem is that diet and exercise doesn’t work for everyone because these methods

treat the symptoms and don’t get to the root of the problem.



Something has led you here because you want a permanent solution and you will get that at Hunt for Hope Wellness.




The solution is to get to the Root of the Problem

When you do that you get Lasting Results and Personal Success!



Wellness Coach, Christine Hunt’s, clients come to her because she can help you:

  • Get to the root or core of why you may not lose weight despite your best efforts.

  • Help you solve the Core Issue to end the struggle and never again feel bad about how you look.

  • Experience the freedom, satisfaction and transformation of significant, long-lasting results.




Your results:Lost 20 pounds

  • The body you always wanted,

  • Freedom from the struggle,

  • Freedom to wear what you like,

  • Freedom from fear of food and the anxiety of being overweight,

  • Freedom to feel happy, content and satisfied.






Christine’s approach to helping you is different. 


It has to be different to work for you when diet and exercise hasn’t, right? Why would just another diet program give you different results?  It wouldn’t.  So, a smart, open-minded person like you understands that something different has to happen and that is what Christine can offer you.


Miracle Worker



Are you ready for something different? 

Something that is better than what you’ve done before? 

Something that will make a significant difference?    

Is it time to end the struggle?


Then it is time to have a conversation about how to achieve long-lasting success with your weight to create a new, happy, satisfied you.


For your FREE, 15-minute, pre-screening call, fill out the form below, check the “FREE 15-minute pre-screening call!” check box and Christine will contact you to schedule your complimentary call.


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You are on your way!



I would like help/information about how I can lose weight and keep it off!








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