7 Tips for De Stressing over the Holidays


by Christine Hunt

Be calm and relaxed.If your stress factor is climbing with just days left before Christmas, here are some easy ideas that don’t take much time to help you get through it all with your sanity.

1.  Breathe.  Take slow, deep breaths relax your shoulders and stretch your neck gently with your head,forward, to the right, to the back, to the left and forward again.  Do several times and reverse direction.

2.  Take a 15 minute walk and clear your mind.Leave the building or your home and get some fresh air.

3.  Be thankful.  Giving thanks for the positive aspects of your life is calming, and gives you some perspective on your present situation.

4.  Eat healthy foods.  Stress causes an acidic body pH which results in inflammation.  Fresh vegetables and fruits help to alkalize the body and reduce inflammation.

5.  Tap.  Gently tap or hold pressure on the outside edge of your eye socket, of either eye, while thinking about the emotion you are feeling and what or who is stressing you out.

6.  Call a friend.  It will get your mind off of what is stressing you out and may even put a smile on your face.

7.  Laugh often.  It is the best medicine after all.

But most of all, enjoy the holidays with your family and friends.


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