A Great, Satisfying, On-the-Go Snack


Cranberry Orange Morning Rounds

I don’t really have a recipe to share with you today but instead, what I consider to be a great, satisfying snack that is most likely better than chips (maybe not as good as fruit or veggies), but can be eaten on the go in place of a high carb bagel or other grab-and-go foods.

Family owned Ozery Bakery has a line of baked products that have whole grain goodness and delicious fruit flavors. I first tried their Cranberry Orange Morning Rounds and immediately fell in love. My favorite way to eat them is to just warm them slightly in the toaster oven and eat plain.

I also use their One Bun Multigrain thin sandwich buns for my veggie burgers or sandwiches. Besides their wonderful flavor, the fact that they make their products without soy makes them even better.

You will most likely find them in stores that cater to those who like healthier and organic foods.

Check out Morning Rounds and their other products on their website.

To your health!

Christine Hunt

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