A Way to Help Our Veterans

by Christine Hunt


Veteran’s Day has recently passed but the problems that some veterans bring home from the battlefield have not.  Some have physical wounds but others have wounds that modern medicine cannot address – wounds of the mind and the heart.  These wounds can have far reaching effects on their lives causing difficulty with marital relationships, their ability to establish and maintain a career, or they may live in constant states of fear and stress and suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).


Soldier with PTSD


Each veteran responds to their war time experiences differently and some can handle the traumas of war better than others.  For those that have difficulty, there is help.  It is not a pill, or a medical procedure.  It is EFT


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Some people know it as Tapping.  This remarkable alternative therapy has helped thousands of veterans heal the emotional scars of trauma allowing them to live happier, fulfilling, lives.


The Veterans Stress Project offers free or low-cost EFT sessions to help veterans with PTSD relieve the effects of trauma and get their lives back.  The Veterans Stress Project is an initiative of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (NIIH), a nonprofit research and teaching institution not affiliated with the government or any religious group.


NIIH has conducted many scientific studies of EFT and has shown that 8 out of 10 veterans who go through the Veterans Stress Project, completing 6 one-hour sessions of EFT, no longer test positive for PTSD.  They find almost immediate relief that is long-lasting.


Gary Craig, founder of EFTTo compare these results to traditional psychotherapy, the founder of the EFT process, Gary Craig, was able to work with some Vietnam veterans back in the 1980s.  Despite receiving psychotherapy sessions at Veterans Hospitals,  these veterans had been suffering from PTSD for 30 years.


In one weekend of EFT sessions, Gary Craig was able to relieve their PTSD symptoms.  One weekend.


Those with PTSD may exhibit one or more of these symptoms:


Nightmares                                        Poor Concentration

Guilt                                                   Short Term Memory Loss

Intrusive Memories                           Helplessness

Poor Judgment                                 Depression

Survivor Guilt                                     Hopelessness

Flashbacks                                          Apathy

Insomnia                                             Ulcers

Anxiety                                                  Arthritis

Avoidance                                           Physical Pains

Startle Response                              Mistrust

Loss of Motivation                           Communication Problems

Lack of Feelings                                Stress

Poor Self-Esteem                             Isolation

Negative Self Image                       Irritability/Rage

Hypervigilence                                  Frustration


You can help.


Soldier with family


Please pass on this information to active duty military and veterans that you know who may be having difficulty coping with life back home.


EFT can literally give them back their lives.


To your health!


Who do you know that is suffering from PTSD either from combat or other traumatic experience?

Please share your questions and comments below.



Christine Hunt is a Wellness Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner and has found that working with the whole person by combining mind/body work, dietary adjustments and movement provides her clients with the tools they need to lose weight (and keep it off), get relief from chronic illness and positively transform their lives.  Contact her for a free, 15 minute consultation to learn why what she does works when other methods have failed.

Christine works with her clients in person, by Skype or phone.  So, if you live away from the Annapolis, Maryland area, she can still work with you.


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