Kick the cravings for sweets and other foods and lose weight for good.


Losing weight is one of the top resolutions year after year.  And yet those who desire a slim figure have difficulty with the diets that they try.  Old cravings set in, they eat too much of the wrong foods and before long they have lost the battle.  If you can relate to this, here is how you can successfully kick your cravings and lose weight effortlessly.


Cravings for foods are difficult to overcome because they are usually triggered by some form of stress.  Reasons could be that you are short on cash this month and need to pay bills.  You are having difficulty in a relationship.  You are overwhelmed by deadlines and too much to do in too little time.  You just learned you didn’t get the promotion you wanted.  The emotions that result are fear, anger, disappointment, shame and (fill in the blank with what you normally feel).


You feel bad and all you want to do is feel good.  For you, food can do that.  So, you go to the refrigerator and get that quart of ice cream, or open the cabinets and pull out that box of cookies or chocolate and before you know it you are staring at the bottom of the container.  Shame, guilt and remorse sets in, which makes you feel even worse – maybe even worthless.


Does this sound familiar?  How often have you found yourself in a similar situation?  Do you ever wonder why you reach for certain types of food when you feel bad?  Here is why.


Some of us connect certain foods with feeling happy and loved.  These feelings usually occurred at special occasions when we were young, like family dinners, holiday meals, birthday parties or when we felt the love from Mom while you had a special day baking cookies together.  The foods you ate were probably rich and creamy or sugary and sweet.  You felt good at these times and subconsciously you made the association between feeling happy and loved and the flavor of these foods.  The types of foods don’t matter.  They could be rocks.  It is the connection between how good you felt at the time, and the flavors.


Fast forward to adulthood.  You get stressed and feel bad.  All you want to do is feel good and subconsciously you know that certain foods make you feel good.  The scenario above plays out – sometimes over and over again depending on how many things stress you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Breaking the association between food, as a way to make you feel good, is the best solution to kick your cravings.  And the best way to do that is with EFT/Tapping.


EFT/Tapping is an alternative therapy that has been gaining popularity around the world for many physical problems, including weight loss.  EFT/Tapping utilizes fingertip tapping, on acupressure points on the face and upper body.  This relieves the emotional triggers that cause stress which can help reduce cravings.  EFT/Tapping can also help dissociate the emotional connection to food, ultimately eliminating cravings entirely.   When the cravings are eliminated, you are no longer eating the extra calories and the weight begins to fall away.


Many times, food cravings can be resolved in as little as one session.


Using EFT/Tapping, along with a diet of healthy, whole foods and portion control, is the perfect formula for long-lasting weight control.  And that is how you can Kick Your Cravings and Lose Weight Effortlessly.


I have had many clients that have successfully eliminated their cravings for cookies, cake, chips and other foods that contributed to their inability to lose weight.  Contact me for a free phone consultation and let’s explore how we might be able to work together to help you reach your ideal weight.


Wishing you wellness,

Christine Hunt



Christine Hunt

Life/Wellness Coach

Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Coach


Photo by Jeff Siepman on Unsplash

Christine Hunt

An experienced Wellness Coach, Certified EFT and Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Christine Hunt gets results for her clients that conventional therapies cannot. She takes the whole person approach when working with her clients to help them lose weight, get relief from chronic illness & pain, trauma/PTSD and addictions of all kinds. She has been a Certified Practitioner since 2013 and has done hundreds of sessions helping her clients to uncover and remove the obstacles to their problems with weight, illness, pain, addictions, traumas, relationships, grief/loss and financial security opening doors to their personal fulfillment and happiness. Contact her for a free, 15 minute consultation to learn why what she does works when other methods have failed. Christine works with her clients in person, by Skype or phone.  So, if you live away from the Annapolis, Maryland area, she can still work with you.