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It is a New Year.

Would you like to make a few changes in your life?  Have you decided on a resolution for 2019? 

Resolution or not, we all think of things we would like to change in the new year.  It could be losing some weight, quitting smoking, doing more fun things, making more money – the list is endless.

But talking about or desiring the change is different than actually implementing the change.  Here are 7 steps to help you be successful this year.

1.  Begin each day with a feeling of gratitude for what you have.   When you are in a state of gratitude, you feel good, your energy level is higher.  Law of Attraction responds to your energy or vibrational frequency.  When you are grateful and satisfied with what you have, Law of Attraction will then draw more of that to you.  The more consistently you can maintain the thoughts and feelings of gratitude, the more opportunities for your desires to manifest will occur.

2.  Recognize where you are.  What is it that you want to change and why? Identifying where you are in your weight or how many packs of cigarettes you smoke, how much you drink each week, how much money you are currently making becomes your starting point.  Tune into how you feel about your situation and what are the reasons you want to change it.  Understanding where you have started from helps you to track your progress when you move toward achieving your desired goal.  Make notes in a journal or on a calendar to remind you.

3.  Identify what you want to change?  What do you want to be/have/do?  In short, what is your overall goal?  How much weight do you want to lose?  Do you want to quit smoking or drinking or just cut back and keep it under control?  How much money do you want to save or make more of each week/month/year?  Once you have this in mind, visualize what it is like to have it.  Close your eyes and create that vision.  Imagine how your life will be.  What does it make you feel like?  Does it make you feel happy, satisfied, content, accomplished, proud, eager for more?  Hold onto the vision and make it and the feelings real. – like you have already achieved it. – like you are there.  Do this frequently.

4.  Make a plan.  Usually there is more than one step to implementing what you need to change in order to achieve your objective.  Will you need help from an outside source like a coach or trainer?  Do you want to buddy up with someone who has a similar goal?  Do you need to learn a new skill or information on how to accomplish what you want?  Begin a mission of discovery to learn what you need to know to be successful.  Then tap into the resources that are available to you to help you be successful.   Most of all, tap into yourself for the answers.  Listen to your inner voice for guidance on what is the best plan for you – not just what others recommend for you. 

5.  Take action.  Take your first steps toward your goal, but don’t force it.  If the step/steps you have decided on feel forced you have already created the first obstacle to your success.  Do what feels good – feels right for you.  Take lots of baby steps and experience lots of little successes.  Set small interim goals that are easily achievable.  This will help you maintain good feelings and reasons to be grateful which will open up those opportunities for more progress. 

6.  Identify obstacles.  If you are having difficulty taking the first steps, or you have made progress but falter and lose ground, identify what is causing the difficulty rather than beat up on yourself. Being angry at yourself is the precursor to thoughts and feelings of being a failure which is the last thing you want.  Instead, take the time to examine what is happening.  Did you eat something that you vowed to stay away from?  Did you get upset or stressed over something and smoke or drank more than you committed to?  Did the raise not come through or a major expense surfaced?  These are all obstacles that can set you back and make you feel like a loser.  STOP right there!  YOU ARE NOT A LOSER!  You are human.  Focus on what happened.  Once you identify the obstacle, decide what steps you need to take to work around it.

7.  Use EFT/Tapping to overcome obstacles.  The obstacles that lay waste to our resolutions and goals lurk in our subconscious minds.  They are memories of unpleasant or traumatic life experiences that subconsciously trigger us to react stressfully when we encounter a current day situation that reminds us of the original bad experience.  It is when we are stressed that we turn to comfort foods, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and other bad habits.   We do it because on some level they make us feel good, and when we are stressed, or afraid, or intimidated or ridiculed, or beating up on ourselves, all we want is to feel good.  EFT/Tapping is one of the most successful stress reduction tools you can use to eliminate obstacles that crop up and derail your efforts.

Following these steps will help you more easily make your desires come true.  Give yourself plenty of time to achieve each baby step of your goal.  After all, you have the entire year.  Don’t hesitate to change course when needed to follow a different path which will work better for your success.  Life is an adventure and always changing.  Going with the flow and keeping an open mind to new ideas and ways of doing things will help you to keep you engaged, motivated, energized and positive.  Which will in turn keep your thoughts and emotions positive and uplifted.

If you run into obstacles that you are having difficulty overcoming, contact me and we will work together to ensure the success you seek in 2019.

May 2019 be the best year ever for you!

Christine Hunt

Christine Hunt

An experienced Wellness Coach, Certified EFT and Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Christine Hunt gets results for her clients that conventional therapies cannot. She takes the whole person approach when working with her clients to help them lose weight, get relief from chronic illness & pain, trauma/PTSD and addictions of all kinds. She has been a Certified Practitioner since 2013 and has done hundreds of sessions helping her clients to uncover and remove the obstacles to their problems with weight, illness, pain, addictions, traumas, relationships, grief/loss and financial security opening doors to their personal fulfillment and happiness. Contact her for a free, 15 minute consultation to learn why what she does works when other methods have failed. Christine works with her clients in person, by Skype or phone.  So, if you live away from the Annapolis, Maryland area, she can still work with you.