Veggie Based Recipes for the Holidays

by Christine Hunt

 The Gerson Institute is dedicated to helping those with cancer and other chronic illnesses to heal.  A primary factor in the Gerson Therapy is dietary changes to an organic, whole food diet.

For those who are either on the Therapy or choose vegetables as their primary nourishment, large, holiday meals that are heavy on animal products can be difficult.  The Gerson Institute has graciously made available The Gerson Guide to the Holidays 17 festive recipes and tips for those following the Gerson Therapy, a free, downloadable e-book.


Gerson Guide to the Holidays

It includes 17 recipes for your holiday feasts, including:

  • Lentil veggie loaf

  • Stuffed squash

  • Spinach artichoke dip/dressing

  • Plum beet sauce

  • Garlic herb mashed potatoes

  • Golden sauce

  • …and more!


  • Menu planning

  • Beautiful food presentation

  • Tips for compromising with your less health-savvy family members

  • Dealing with temptation

  • Tips for the newly-sober

Celebrate life and health this year, and for many to come, with healthy, nourishing foods and let The Gerson Guide to the Holidays help lead the way.

Click here to download.


Chrisitine Hunt is a Wellness Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner who healed herself of a chronic illness using the Gerson Therapy and EFT.  Contact Christine for a free, 15 minute consultation to learn how she can help you or a loved one.



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